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 General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Forum Rules   General Forum Rules EmptyMon Jan 20, 2014 10:47 pm


The forum administrators have created the forum rules for the sole protection and safety of the website and members. It is imperative that you don't break these rules, as they're pretty simple to follow, and we're not asking much of you in exchange for a fun and happy environment amongst each other. If you have any question about the rules or their punishments, please feel free to pm a moderator or admin.

1. Do not spam.
2. Do not flame.
3. Do not harass.
4. Do not double or multi post.
5. Do not flood.
6. Do not link to any form of pirating or make any illegal transactions on the forums.
7. Do not scam.
8. Do not impersonate any regular or staff member.
9. Do not rip.
10. Do not advertise or promote other websites/services as a whole (unless in the correct section or permitted to do so by the head admin)
11. Do not act like a moderator/admin if you are not one.
12. Do not publicly discuss moderators or their actions unless given permission to do so by a Global Moderator.
13. Discussions that solely belong on partnership sites should only be posted on their forums, not on here.
14. Do not evade your bans.
15. Do not cause unnecessary drama.
16. Do not share classified information (any information a moderator takes time to pm you. obviously that's why they're called private messages)
20. Do not post excessively flashing/strobing images. Example
21. Images that flash more slowly, however, are allowed. Example
22. Do not create multiple accounts without permission.
23. Respect fellow members (INCLUDING STAFF)
24. Obey topic tags (ex. [private] [mod only] [misty and ash])
25. Obey all staff members and their rules (section rules over ride site rules).

Spelling and Grammar

We understand not everyone will be a Rhodes Scholar when it comes to writing, but as we are on a solely text based rpg, it makes sense to be literate. We have a few guidelines we would appreciate you remember while writing here.

Take the time to at least capitalize the first letter of your sentences. It makes it a bit easier to see. Proper nouns you can leave alone, I forget so it's not like I can yell at you for that. However, capitalizing would help too.

Please PUNCTUATE. It becomes rather hard to read if you string together multiple ideas without any sort of break. It takes under a second to type in a period, or a comma, or even a semicolon ( ; ) if you're daring.

Abbreviations: Take the extra second, PLEASE, to spell out two more characters. It's nearly effortless to do this, and clears up a good amount of confusion. This also includes R, Hu, Wut, Y, etc... While abbreviations such as b/c and w/o and IDK etc. are fine, one to two letters is really not asking much. (This, of course, only applies in the chatbox. IC posting should never be text language)

Spelling: At least make a conscious effort to spell correctly. If you don't know how to spell a word, or if your finger slips, that's fine; but don't rush so much that you start yo splap the ketyboad like this. This is not a race; please take an extra few seconds to take your time.

1337: 1337 is not cool. Don't try to complicate by typing in 1337.

Caps Lock: It is not wise to type in ALL CAPS LOCK LIKE THIS! It is annoying and people will have the notion that you are yelling at them. Be wise and look at what you are typing every so often.
If you just follow those guidelines, things will be a lot clearer, as well as make you look smarter, and well all want to look smart, now don't we?

Bumping Guide

This section explains how you can bump a topic without breaking the double-posting rule. It is really simple and you should be fine as long as you follow the guidelines. Bumping is primarily used in inactive rp topics.

A bump may only be used at least 48 hours after the last post on the thread, not 48 hours after your own last bump post. If you bump before 48 hours it is spam (most people will not time you to the second so wait a minimum of 45 hours). Also, having post after post between you and another person of just the word "bump" is not bumping the topic, but indeed spamming it. Please keep this in mind when you want to bump a topic.

In Short:
1) Bumps are only to be used 48 hours after the last post on the topic.
2) Mis-use of bumps is spam.
3) Do not start a discussion with someone having "bump" in every post.
4) This applies to all of the boards. Not just in the clan section.

- Double posting is almost always not necessary. If you don't get a response within 30 seconds, don't fret! You might get one. If it comes down to the fact that the post has been knocked off the first page, or it's been a day or something, don't bump your post with a bunch of smilies or "Come on, answer me!" Try to be a little creative, or at least say "bump" so people know that is your main goal.

Account Managing

1. We will not make you make your account username the same name as your character, because we believe in allowing the authors to have multiple characters, but with that being said, the username you create your account with, will be the username you will stay with. End of story. If you wish to change your username, you must do so through the Username Change Thread.
2. A member is only allowed one account here, unless permitted more by a global mod. We will catch you effortlessly doing so, so don't think you'll get away with it.
3. Your username may not include vulgar or offensive material. Anything that breaks general site rules will not be allowed, and we'll simply ban you.
4. Remember to put your safety first. Do not under any circumstances give out any personal information about your account to anyone, not even staff. If a staff member is pestering you about personal information, please pm the head admin (author of this post) or another staff member.
5. Regarding rule 4, we also expect none of you to ask anybody for their personal information. You will be immediately banned. We take privacy and safety very seriously here. And don't worry, asking for a member's number or their email or something of the like is not against the rules. Just remember if you get rejected, it's not our fault!

Explicit Language

Sennta is rated as a very edgy PG-13. We pretty much allow all language, as long as it is not used in spam, flamming, racial/sexist slurs, or in excessive amounts. As long as you don't abuse it you won't get in trouble, is all we're saying. You people can use your common sense. We'll leave it at that.

Sexual Content

I don't think we'll have much problems with this on a Pokemon based RPG, but we are strictly PG-13 maximum on sexual content here. Obviously, sex is awesome, but we have practically no need to be explicitly describing the clitoris and the huge shaft and all that nonsense. So please, for the sake of keeping creepy otakus off the site, please make a "fade-to-black" when characters do engage in sexual activities.

By the way, sexual activities do not include:
-Kissing/Making Out

Sexual activities are basically any touchy touchy times with clothes off. Depending on the mod, you may get away with grabbing through clothes. It's our funeral if you try to take it that far. Just steer clear of that. AND PRACTICE SAFE SEX PEOPLE! (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

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General Forum Rules
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