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 Introduction and Farewells Guidelines

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The Pumpkin
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Introduction and Farewells Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Introduction and Farewells Guidelines   Introduction and Farewells Guidelines EmptyWed Jan 22, 2014 11:18 pm

Hello and Bye Bye Rules

Hello Sennta community, and welcome to the Introductions and Farewells section.

Anyways, just to go over a few ground rules here:

- Welcome new and returning members with the utmost respect. They are on here to have fun, and meet back with their friends (or make new ones). Remember everybody was new at some point. Treat them with respect.

- Please don't keep making threads if you keep "coming and going". By this we mean don't make a thread saying you are leaving, and then a week later you make another thread saying you're back, and then make another goodbye thread and etc. If you do this, you will be warned or possibly banned if need be.

- Please, don't make an alternate account just to make an introduction thread. It will be banned immediately. This place is to welcome NEW people, not to joke around (well that too, but you get what we're saying).

- Topics may be locked anytime after a week has passed. After considerable time has passed, introduction and farewell topics essentially become "chat topics". This diverts from the original purpose of the topic. These drawn out introductions and farewells push down topics that are in fact honestly "Introducing" or saying "Goodbye".

- You CANNOT make a new intro just because yours was locked. That ruins the point of people "introducing" themselves. These aren't personal spam kingdoms! You will be warned for double posting an introduction or farewell topic when yours was already locked.

- Do not impersonate another member. Impersonation is the act of intentionally creating an account with a username similar to an already existing member or claiming to be someone in order to mimic or devalue the original user. This is especially not tolerated when imitating staff members and will be met with a permanent ban.

How to Properly Introduce Yourself

Paragraph/Sentence 1: Some basic things about yourself. Name, age, country, etc.

Paragraph/Sentence 2: Your hobbies. Tell us what you like to do for fun, any extra-curricular activities, or maybe something you're just good at.

Paragraph/Sentence 3: Any concerns or questions. Since you're new you may not know how it works around here, so if you have questions, post them along with your Introduction.

Paragraph/Sentence 4: Your experience. Let us know if you're a seasoned rper, or if you're new to the whole experience.

Paragraph/Sentence 5: Timezones. Sennta Region is available worldwide and in every country. It's suggested that you post your timezone (or country, if you're not sure). This is because if you want to make friends, it may be daytime where they're at and night time where you are (it gets confusing and then rp replies may be slow because you're sleeping while they're ready to play).

Paragraph/Sentence 6: Extras. Anything else you want us to know about you? Maybe your favorite pokemon, food, rp sites, etc. We wanna get to know a little about you!

Keep in mind these are just suggestions. Do whatever you feel to introduce yourself and express who you are. Introductions, and first impressions, are very important. We want you to feel comfortable.

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Introduction and Farewells Guidelines
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