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 If you let me help, Here I am~

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PostSubject: If you let me help, Here I am~   Fri Mar 28, 2014 8:08 pm

Personal information:

- What is your first name?
- How old are you? When is your birthday?
19. January 24, 1995
- What country do you live in? What is your timezone?
I live in the USA, Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)

Pokemon RPG: Sennta Region information:

- Your username?
- Your alternate accounts? (if you don't have any, skip)
- Why do you want to be a moderator?
I want to be a moderator because I love to help people, and I have a real passion for RP. I've already been a mod on several sites under different user names. In Sennta, I see great potential in it, and would love to be a part of helping the site grow.
- How active are you on PR:SR?
I get on at least once a day, and check very often. I'm usually just sitting on my computer watching anime, but my activity level can be anywhere from 1 hour to all day.
- Define what it means to you to be a good moderator.
A good moderator means not negating a problem. When someone asks question, it is your task to get them the answers. It means staying loyal to this website, and not leaving without cause or reason. It's about not letting power go to your head, and generally helping everyone be the best they can be.
- What do you think of current moderators as a whole?
The staff does their best despite their small numbers. I've personally never had any issues with the staff, and they all seem pretty nice. They try to get back as soon as they can. However, as this site grows in numbers, it's simply impossible for the staff to be able to be everywhere at once.
- What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?
Since I've already been a mod before on different sites, I've got some general skill experience. I'm pretty good with coding, since I'm taking classes in computer science right now. I think I'm an overall kind person, and I don't let my emotions run away from me. Before yelling at someone, I'll back away from the situation and pass the issue to another mod if I can't solve it due to personal reasons.
- How well do you know the forum rules? How well do you know the section rules?
I've looked over almost all of them. They are pretty straight forward, but I will get more acquainted with them over time.
- What section do you want to be a moderator of?
Honestly, I will look over anything you need me to. Character Creation, pokemon encounter rps, labs, anything you need, I'd be happy to assist in. Like I said earlier, I have a real passion for rp, and that includes all aspects of it. However, I would absolutely love to be apart of gym battles since I think I'm rather clever with battle styles.
- What else do you wish to put into your application that does not fall under the above questions but you feel can help your chances?
My favorite pokemon is Quilava, I've even got a Quilava tattoo on my ankle ;3

Sample moderator question:

- A friend of yours approaches you in private messages to let you know that he has been posting on Sennta while banned with his [insert username] account, but will not do it anymore because he doesn't want to get in trouble. What is your reaction as a moderator?

The first task is to alert other admids and mods. Even if they are my friend, it's my responsibility to report them like I would anyone else. Additionally, I would make sure to tell them why it's wrong for them to make another account. No account gets banned for no reason, but if an error was made and this was the only way for them to tell us, I would honestly investigate it. Basically, the job comes first, but you can't forget we're here to help.

Edan Haque


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Shad Reigns

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PostSubject: Re: If you let me help, Here I am~   Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:52 am

A Quillava tattoo on your ankle? That's awesome!

Thank you for your time and we appreciate your intentions. You just registered here yesterday but I have seen your posts, they are great, and I can tell you are a trustworthy person. I hope you will not fail us. Welcome to the team, fella!

I welcome all kinds of comment and/or feedback regarding my modding.
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If you let me help, Here I am~
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