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PostSubject: Comatose    Comatose                   EmptyTue May 06, 2014 2:20 am

I know I have some explaining to do. First, I was inactive but some of you may have spotted me on other websites having fun. I was actually taking a break from modding and I should have at least informed you of that. I am very sorry for that. Second, wow the site activity dropped again and right now, the forum itself is in the brink of death. Third, there are still no signs of Pumpkin.

I see two possible course of action here. Either those members and staff members who wish to stay and continue supporting the forum remain and we together bring this thing back to life or we altogether make a completely new forum with our own systems and whatnot for the sake of being new and having a clean slate.

Go figure.

I welcome all kinds of comment and/or feedback regarding my modding.
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