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 Roleplay Rules

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Roleplay Rules Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Roleplay Rules EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 12:13 am

Roleplaying Rules

1. Using your noggin and a little thing called 'common sense' will get you a long way. Please be realistic in your role play. The basic laws of physics apply, so do not expect to use your Onyx in the middle of the ocean, or try to defeat a level 100 Raquayza with a level 5 Wurmple.

2. Of course, there are some exceptionally speedy pokemon (ex. Ninjask, Weaville, Jolteon), but please remember not even the fastest of pokemon can dodge attacks forever. If we're not being clear enough, evading every attack of a pokemon within fifteen levels of yours is impossible, and is illegal.

3. NO GOD MODDING. God modding includes: dodging every attack, super powerful attacks, no recharge from moves that require such (ex. hyper beam), critical hits every time, etc. Basically it's being completely unfair to your opponent, in the simplest sense.

4. You may not control any pokemon or character that isn't your own. Their decisions are entirely up to them. (ex. "Pikachu used Thunderbolt and the Pichu couldn't dodge it so it landed directly") or (ex. "Pikachu used quick attack, and since it's literally impossible to dodge, the other pokemon got hit"). Not even in circumstances where pokemon moves have a 101% chance of hitting are you allowed to speak for somebody else. Anything could happen in RP, and you shouldn't underestimate the cleverness of your opponent.

5. As stated in "General Forum Rules" please do respect and follow tags on topics, such as [private] [mod only] [misty and brock]

6. Going along with Rule 5, please tag your posts accordingly. If you want a private post, please state so by tagging in the title topic. This also helps mods spot your topic quicker for modding. It will be automatically assumed your topic is open if no tags are apparent, and someone you didn't want posting in your topic will receive no charge for doing so if you didn't state that earlier.

7. Also as stated in "General Forum Rules" please refrain from using text language in roleplay. It is extremely irritating to try to figure out what you're inferring, unless it's a universal meaning (ex. idk, omg, lmao).

8. Please post in third-person. No first person allowed, please. It's just easier to understand that way.

9. Wild pokemon will appear in the wild. Shocker! Please do not scold a mod or complain if you are jumped by a hoard of pokemon because you were poking around in a bush you shouldn't have been poking around in. That being said, you may be attacked by multiple wild pokemon at once, so have your guard up.

10. If you are searching for a trainer battle, or wild pokemon, it is best to indicate you are doing so somewhere obvious in your topic (maybe in an OOC note) so that a mod knows how to manage your topic.

11. A character may only be in up to 2 places at once. Absolutely no more than that. This is to keep time issues and from occurring, and just general confusion.

Obtaining Pokemon/Movesets

1. You may gain pokemon through events, in character experience, or by gift.

2. As always, you may only have up to six pokemon in your party at once. After that, your pokemon will be sent to your pc. To retrieve the pokemon, you must then head on over to the nearest pokemon center and switch it out with another you're currently carrying.

3. Pokemon are no longer limited to only four moves, meaning all pokemon can learn an infinite amount of moves (in their moveset of course).

4. If you are not sure what moves your pokemon learns, or at what levels, make sure to check Bulbapedia They basically have all the need to know on the pokemon universe.

Egg Rules

1. As of now, the only way to obtain a pokemon egg is by breeding it in a topic (tagged with [breeding]). To breed pokemon, first you must get two pokemon of opposite gender together and get them to get along. If they agree to do so, then they will make babies. This takes 8 posts in one topic (can be split between to characters if necessary). Also to breed a pokemon, a "Pokemon Breeder" character must also be present. Whether it be the owner of the pokemon, or just a helper, he/she must be there to help. All breeding must be done in the "Daycare Center" IC (in character).

2. A mod will then present your egg to you when the breeding topic is approved. They will give you the basic information on the egg and then it will be added to the Pokemon Daycare Shop Pick-Up (a pokemon may also have multiple eggs at once, so watch out).

3. All eggs take 7 IC posts to hatch, or 4000 words. It must be in the character's party (in other words, it cannot be in your PC during any of these posts). Once you have completed the amount of posts necessary, pm a mod and they will allow your egg to hatch in whatever topic it is.

4. Newly hatched pokemon, otherwise known as "level 1" pokemon may not engage in battle, by Sennta law. The pokemon will immediately be taken away from you and you will be put into our adoption center. However, a level 1 pokemon, of course, may train to reach higher levels.

5. All Pokemon hatch at level 1.

For more info please visit the official breeding rules topic here.

Shiny/Legendary Pokemon

1. Shiny pokemon are obtainable, as are legendary pokemon, but are of course, extremely rare. You can encounter either one of these types of pokemon by random encounter, event, or even by egg sometimes.

2. Never ask/beg for shiny or legendary encounters. It simply makes the staff get irritated and not want to do it even more. Most, if not all, pokemon given in the wild are randomly generated anyways, so tough nubbs.

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Roleplay Rules
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