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Shad Reigns

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Shadow in a Business Suit Empty
PostSubject: Shadow in a Business Suit   Shadow in a Business Suit EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 1:25 pm

Personal information:

- What is your first name?
- How old are you? When is your birthday?
15. June 28, 1998
- What country do you live in? What is your time zone?
Philippine Time Zone (UTC +08:00)

Pokémon RPG: Sennta Region information:

- Your username?
- Your alternate accounts? (if you do not have any, skip)
- Why do you want to be a moderator?
I believe that moderators play a big role in keeping forums like this active. Therefore, I want to mod to keep players entertained and make sure they keep visiting the site.
- How active are you on PR:SR?
I am here every day.
- Define what it means to you to be a good moderator.
Well, being a good moderator is necessary. You cannot get on a position like this if you are a fuckface. You can have all the pride and arrogance but you have to be nice to the members. A moderator should be the white knight, a guy who the members can seek help.
- What do you think of current moderators as a whole?
We don't have much.
- What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?
Eh, I can type fast. My RP skills are just about average. I have a lot of free time to spend, so yeah.
- How well do you know the forum rules? How well do you know the section rules?
You kidding me?
- What section do you want to be a moderator of? (You may list more than one, but listing many will not help your chances)
Leave me with the role-play topics and shops
- What else do you wish to put into your application that does not fall under the above questions but you feel can help your chances?
I love eating spaghetti.

Sample moderator question:

- A friend of yours approaches you in private messages to let you know that he have been posting on Sennta while banned with his [insert username] account, but will not do it anymore because he does not want to get in trouble. What is your reaction as a moderator?
I will tell him not to take anything personal but I will have to inform the admins about this. I will try to get his normal account unbanned and have him start fresh. Just like a prisoner who just got out of jail. But if he fucks up again, then screw him.

I welcome all kinds of comment and/or feedback regarding my modding.

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The Pumpkin
The Pumpkin

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow in a Business Suit   Shadow in a Business Suit EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 3:09 pm

This topic has been recieved and will soon be judged by staff team. Make sure you watch your pms. You will receive one shortly after your app is approved to go on to stage two. This topic will be locked now. Good luck.

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Shadow in a Business Suit
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